NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, Editor's Choice: "This honest, neurotic, searingly funny memoir of pregnancy and childbirth is a welcome antidote in the panicked-expectant-mothers canon -- though its gripping narrative will appeal to nonparents, too. Read this, I’ll reply in the future when friends ask me for my pregnancy Google docs. It will make you feel less alone."―Isabel Wilkinson

NPR: "And Now We Have Everything shows how the most normal thing in the world — having an ordinary, healthy baby after an ordinary, healthy pregnancy — means being visited with all possible extremes of pain, fear, and love. O'Connell renders this normal and horrific experience real, in both emotional sweep and brutal particulars. The questions she asks is simple: What is it like? And this joyous, useful, grim book tells it straight: "F****** awful." ―Annalisa Quinn.

THE GUARDIAN: "Her book is a testament, a gift to mothers who might want their realities confirmed, as well as to everyone else."―R.O. Kwon

THE RUMPUS:  With a steady-handed, acerbic candor that does not self-deprecate so much as self-examine, she maneuvers through the slippery paths of romantic discord, professional stagnation, postpartum pain and depression. Her baby, once born, is not the answer to any question, but rather the genesis of a thousand new ones that multiply with each passing day a firm grounding in the reality of new parenthood that rings alarmingly, unerringly true."―Carla Bruce-Eddings 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: O'Connell's book is a welcome approach to both confessional writing and writing about motherhood, both of which are often denigrated in mainstream literary scenes. Women are doubted at every stage of their lives, so often forced into a protective silence that holds them hostage. O’Connell’s book is a loud rejection of all that; she names the messy feelings that so often shame us into hiding and in doing so, gives herself, and anyone who can relate, a bit of room to breathe.―Manisha Claire

LITHUB: And Now We Have Everything is a propulsive and generous account not only of early motherhood, but of what it’s like to be an ambitious woman in the 21st century...O’Connell’s writing is so visceral, so immediate, that it made my nipples hurt.―Jennifer Schaffer

THE MILLIONS: Each story she tells is sharply observed, wickedly funny, and painfully important. I have never read anything about parenthood that so clearly encapsulates what it feels like.―Melody Schreiber


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