The memoir industry runs increasingly on the unique, the superhuman, and the grotesque. People climb mountains, escape kidnappers, visit heaven and report back. But And Now We Have Everything shows how the most normal thing in the world — having an ordinary, healthy baby after an ordinary, healthy pregnancy — means being visited with all possible extremes of pain, fear, and love. O'Connell renders this normal and horrific experience real, in both emotional sweep and brutal particulars. The questions she asks is simple: What is it like? And this joyous, useful, grim book tells it straight: "F****** awful." - Annalisa Quinn, NPR

 I totally cried when I found out ANWHE is an  IndieNext pick for April

I totally cried when I found out ANWHE is an IndieNext pick for April

With a steady-handed, acerbic candor that does not self-deprecate so much as self-examine, she maneuvers through the slippery paths of romantic discord, professional stagnation, postpartum pain and depression. Her baby, once born, is not the answer to any question, but rather the genesis of a thousand new ones that multiply with each passing day—a firm grounding in the reality of new parenthood that rings alarmingly, unerringly true.
— Carla Bruce-Eddings, The Rumpus

Sarah Cassavant, Subtext Books

"I’m not a mother, and I don’t have plans to be one for a long time, but I’ve read "And Now We Have Everything" twice now and I can’t stop thinking about it…I don’t think I’ve ever read something so viscerally engaging. She’s so generous with her experiences and so human; she doesn’t sugarcoat or self-censor her experiences or reactions to fit into the preconceived notions of what pregnancy, birth, and parenthood should be like. It truly is a remarkable book, and it should be required reading for absolutely everyone."

 in the "Imperfection" issue (lol) of PARENTS Magazine, stolen from my OBs office 

in the "Imperfection" issue (lol) of PARENTS Magazine, stolen from my OBs office 

For current mothers, the author’s story will resonate deeply. For any woman contemplating having a child, O’Connell provides an accurate depiction of what it can feel like to be a new mom, both physically and emotionally. For men who want to know and understand what being a mother is like, this book should prove useful.A well-written book that provides refreshingly candid insight into the physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy and early motherhood, times that are both “traumatic [and] transcendent.”
— Kirkus Reviews

Abby Fennewald, Book People:

"This book. Wow. I plowed through this and immediately came back to the store trying to get everyone else to read it. It feels like, in many ways, the first book about motherhood that I, as a non-mother, could relate to. Meaghan writes fearlessly and honestly about her fears, her pain, her joy, and more in this collection of essays. It brought me pain and laughter and I can't wait to put it in people's hands."

I'm telling you, this is a book for anyone looking for straight talk about starting a family these days—including those of you wondering if becoming a parent is what you want. 

- Anna Sale, host of [my favorite podcast] DEATH, SEX, & MONEY